As the second largest airport group operating across provinces, formerly known as Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, China West Airport Group is subordinate to the People's Government of Shaanxi Province
Successful First Flight from Xi'an Direct to Silk Road in Central Asia[2016-03-18]
CCTV, Xianxi Television and Other Medias Continuously Reported the Rel...[2016-03-18]
The Group Company Succeeded in Service Assurance in 2016 Spring Festiv...[2016-03-18]
The Group Company Achieved Full Fruitful Results in Spiritual Civiliza...[2016-03-18]
NPC Representatives in Shaanxi Went to Xianyang Airport for Inspection...[2014-11-12]
Ceremony for Inauguration of Xi'an--Paris Flight Route Held in Xi...[2014-11-12]
Good News Roll in to West Airport Group during Summer Transportation: ...[2014-11-12]
Hanzhong Airport Opening...[2016-02-19]
Yan`an Airport`s Passeng...[2016-02-19]
Xianyang Airport`s Annua...[2016-02-19]
Zhongwei Shapotou Airpor...[2015-06-16]
Guyuan Airport Carefully...[2015-06-16]
A Group Led by Governor ...[2014-12-01]
Kuang Yong, Vice G...[2014-12-01]
National Development and...[2014-12-01]
Hanzhong Municipal Gover...[2014-12-01]
Hanzhong Chenggu Airport...[2014-12-01]
Xi'an Xianyang Inter...
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Yinchuan Hedong Airp...
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Xining Caojiapu Airp...
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Yulin Yuyang Airport
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"From Xi'an, you may understand the history of five thousand years". Many foreign heads of states judge Xi'an as a must-see place. With culture and cultural relics as the main parts, tourist industry has become a pillar industry in Xi'an. Xi'an is a well known word historical and cultural city at home and abroad and one of the places of origin of human civilization and Chinese excellent traditions and culture. With more than 3100...
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grand desert scenery, ancient Yellow River civilization and mysterious West Xia Culture. With the reputation of "Eden of the northern wastes", it attracts many domestic and overseas tourists. Some overseas guests had ever called the autonomous region with more than 4,600 mosques of different scales "Islam Province, Muslim Province" in China. With unique tourism resources, Ningxia has attracted many domestic and o...

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With vast territory, Qinghai is the origin of Yangtze River, Yellow River and Lancang River. And there are also Kunlun Mountain and Qilian Mountain and other well-known mountains and great rivers. Therefore, Qinghai enjoys the reputations of "the origin of three rivers", "the ancestor of all mountains" and "the Water Tower of China". The well-known Tibetan Buddhist sacred land Kumbum, the most beautiful lake in ...
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Tianshui City, location of
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